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Any concerns? Kindly fill them out here. Comments are screened, so any discussion will be between the two of us.

"People are stupid, but individuals are smart", after all...

Specifics include whether or not he's:
-got too much headcanon behind him
-being less 'quiet' and more 'yammering on and on'
-going a little too stir-crazy with his power
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▼ Souji Seta [ OU ]
Birthday: March 5
Astrology Sign: Pisces
Soul Arcana: Fool
Unlucky Arcana: The Empress , The Star, The Hermit & Judgement
String Color: [#FFF700]

▼ Personality Snapshot
The enigmatic, emotionally-sensitive, heroic, saintly and charismatic protagonist of Persona 4. Souji Seta tends to keep to himself a lot of the time, but he is more than a valuable friend for those who decide he's worth putting up with.

▼ Visual
▶ [ Full-body shot.]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
▶ [Inbox / Phone Post]
▶ [Persona(s)]
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"This is Souji. If you need me for anything, just leave a message."

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"This is Souji. I'm not here right now, but feel free to leave a message after the beep. *click*"
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In Progress. Credit goes to [community profile] pixle_squared for the layout, and [personal profile] twilitfall for the Arcana pictures.

Remember your bonds, for they will always be there... )
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Any threads you want to handle with Souji that don't quite fit anywhere else, or threads you want to wrap up, place 'em here!

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Mar. 29th, 2014 09:05 pm
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[What's this? It seems there's a 'Gear on the ground, and the little gadget appears to be recording something. What it is isn't clear at first. ...At least, until the sound of a Delibird's chirping and a Mareep's frantic attempts to wake its master up enter the feed.

Eventually, there's some shuffling around, and a noise that sounds like whoever's on the other end of the line groaning as he gets up, and the feed moves around for a moment...before -- well, doesn't that beat all. There was no light; no wonder it looked like the video feed was off. Looks like this returning, gray-haired boy has woken up in a cave somewhere in Johto...and it's probably not the place to be for a would-be reclaimer of his breeding center who's still getting his bearings back.

Eventually, he shines what little light he has on himself.]

...This is there anyone out there able to help? I'm...not entirely sure what just happened, but it looks like I've ended up somewhere else.
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For those who knew seems she's gone home. There's no sign of her, and I can't contact her through the PokeGear.

[There's the chirping of a Delibird somewhere in there.]

...Ah. It seems she's left one of her Pokemon with me as well.

Is it normal to get one from friends when they leave?

[With that, he cuts the feed off. Souji can be found anywhere in Mahogany, wandering around for the moment -- or perhaps sitting underneath a tree somewhere near the outside. Anything as long as it's fresh air, honestly -- with the departure of someone that could have been a really good friend, he's just a wee bit upset. Not that his lineface will make it obvious.]
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[It was supposed to be an average morning. Well, except for the sudden waking up no thanks to his Mareep brushing up against him and frazzling him with static. And the Pidgey he caught thwapping him in the face with her wings to help with the waking up effort.

But then something happened that made him nearly fall out of his spot as he stretched his hand out to block out the sudden sunlight in his face. He wasn't even in bed at Talim's home anymore. Nor was he, well, anywhere near Mahogany. How in the--?

And then there was the voice in his head. One very, very familiar voice. He had to see if what he was feeling was true, and so he stretches his hand out, palm facing up, closing it tightly--

And there it was, the shards of a card giving way to Izanagi-no-Okami.

What. The hell.]
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[...Well, wasn't that a strange turn of events.

Last he remembered, he was on the train back to Tokyo. He was supposed to be heading home. Why did he suddenly end up here, and what's with all this music running through his ears? Does someone have their radio on full blast or something? ...But it doesn't look like there's a radio in sight...

...Well, it's not like things could get any weirder. Other than this sheep-like thing he was shown the ropes on how to catch by an elder. He's already seen his fair share of strange for a lifetime. But that's not his main concern right now. No, in fact, his main concern is said sheep-like thing -- a Mareep, the elder'd called it -- and watching it while it moved around so frantically, presumably from excitement.

...It looked adorable, actually. He couldn't help the little smile.]

Hey, little guy. What do you want?

Mareep! Mareep!

[...He tilted his head, lineface resurfacing. Did it just say its own name? More importantly, he can't discern what it wants just from hearing it say its own name...]

...That doesn't help.


[It nudged his hand, almost as if it were asking for something. Food, maybe? A pat on the head? He isn't sure. He'll go with the latter for now.]


[> ...This is going to take a while to figure out.

Anyone watching that feed might want to help...]
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An important message:

If you see any entries from this journal, that's because it's being used at [community profile] route_29. Sorry for any inconveniences!
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[It's been a busy few weeks for him--and considering that he's signed himself up for class recently, it's no surprise that he hasn't come out of his room every time he came back. Not that there was a lot of homework for him to be done, but he did have a habit of clearing out what needed doing when it was given to him instead of putting it off, like a certain partner of his would if he heard there was school here.

A year in Inaba did him a lot of good, that's for sure--it gave him practice on how to handle his time well enough to fit his friends in, and make room for himself. It also gave him ideas for what to do with his time here.

So when he gets up this morning, he sets up a filtered message for the lowerclassmen, because they'll surely be needing what he's putting up on offer in spite of the cold weather.]

If anyone needs help with a subject, I can come tutor you when I'm done at Seventh Heaven. Just let me know where you are.

[With that done, he goes off to deal with his business. Whoever's interested in bugging him can find him at the school during break time, decked out in, on top of his usual uniform, a purple scarf and jacket that...just screams 'weird taste' to whoever gets a good look. If that isn't suitable for them, they could also find him at Seventh Heaven still wearing said getup, or on his way home, trying to get back before the weather gets too bad.

Or they could just come bother him on the post he makes on the Journal network when he's back in his community building, that works too.]

I'd like to extend a welcome to the New Feathers that came in recently. My name is Seta Souji, and I'm willing to answer any questions you might have.

I also have a question for everyone--what do you do when it's too cold to head outside?
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[...Well, then. This totally wasn't in his plans for the day.

That expression? This is Souji feeling like his luck just took a sudden u-turn and decided to crash into the nearest wall, then got rammed in the back by a train, then subsequently bashed up by some thug wanting its money. Just great. To say he doesn't like this one bit already is an understatement--why?

Oh, I dunno, that huge tornado that decided to hit?

So, people in Seventh Heaven--there is a bowlcut amongst your ranks running outside, and from the utensils being whipped around should the roof get blown off by this--though from the looks of things, windows look more likely to be shattered before they can act on reinforcing everything in the building...still a pretty big cause for concern, regardless. Be a pal and help him out? Stop him and ask what the hell's going on? Do something?

...Oh, right. Although it'd be wasteful of him to do so when he could just start the relief efforts right away, he'll go get his journal at home then start up the video feed.]

For anyone who was planning to go to the restaurant today...don't. We're...experiencing technical difficulties. [He turns the journal towards said 'technical difficulties'...namely, aforementioned tornado.] If there's anyone out there that needs help, let me know as quickly as possible.
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[Well, now that the whole Kin'coran debacle is over, Souji finally has time to sit himself down and contemplate what's happened...and there's quite a bit to go over.

Rather, one specific detail that really made him cross...

If this wasn't harmful for his feelings, he doesn't know what will be. )

It took him little time to decide what to do today; he was going to head out and get himself some fresh air. Maybe a walk will do him some good...and if he comes across anyone of interest, spending time getting to know them.

Not long after he returns, though, he sends out a message on the journal network.]

...Do you have any relatives back home?
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[...So he finally decides, after some quiet time, to head home to Community Building 4, so he can see how much has changed.

...He wasn't pleased at all. No, more like he had a mix of relief and pain. On one hand, Rise had disappeared, and her belongings were gone with of the few people he could trust back home to keep everyone's spirits up, gone. Now he has only Naoto, and even she's an uncertainty at this point... On the other hand, she's where she belongs -- back in Inaba to live the rest of her life. How could he have left them at such a crucial moment...? He had no choice in the matter, but it still hit him hard that he'd wound up getting pried away, forced out of their reach, forced to leave...whichever phrase would fit the situation best. Oh, how was he going to face them when he bore some sort of guilt for abandoning them?

...No, better to avoid that...he doesn't want to become a smoldering wreck at the end of the day. If no one wants to come across him here, he'll be around the village, just trying to get some peace.

Later, he'll open up his journal -- might as well tell whoever knows him that he's 'home'.]

I should have done this sooner, matter. I'm Seta Souji; I wouldn't necessarily call myself 'new' since this isn't the first time I've been here,'s a pleasure.

...Have I missed anything important? And if I have any leftover debts, let me know. [Like favors, offers for help, and all that jazz...surely someone he offered to help with would remember, right?]

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[So, Luceti, having a fun time with the destroyed village, and all that? With all the crappiness of having to rebuild to go with it? (Unless it's already been rebuilt, in which case...) Did you also have fun with all the other crazy things that happened? The answer to the last one's surely a no, but...

At any rate, guess what? A certain bowlcut was just dumped into the fountain unceremoniously, along with his journal. He's stuck in the same New Feather threads, too. Thanks, whoever dropped him here in the Mallies' place (or the Mallies, if they're still in charge... >_>)... He's not exactly drowning, but it would probably help if somebody got him out of there before he does start. It would be especially helpful if it were someone he recognizes; he needs to pull himself together and find out what's happened over the past few months. :|

It might also help if you come across this and shout. You can probably hear a bit of gurgling here by the time you come across this entry.]

((Seeing that Kouki's gotten to him already, he'll be well out of the fountain by the time anyone else arrives, so--mind keeping tabs on that while tagging this post? I'm too sleepy to add to the entry at the moment to reflect this. :|'))